Sunday, 8 November 2015

Wishlist: Cross Cult (german publisher) bookmarks

Welcome to another wishlist post! Yesterday I told you about french publisher. Today we're gonna talk about german publisher of Victoria Francés books :)

The publisher who edit Francés books in Germany is called Cross Cult and they have published two books of her:

Favole Gesamtausgabe / Favole limitiere Ausgabe. Release date: 5-09-2012

These are two editions of the spanish "Favole integral" (the limited one it's already out of stock). 

Das Klagelied des Meeres. Release date: 12-07-2013

I already have the bookmark of this book, but if they edit a different one... :D Well, you know.

I think I will do a default message at that point haha: if you find or see or have some bookmarks from these books and this publisher, I beg you, contact me, please! Or leave a comment!

See you!

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