Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wishlist: Rizzoli Lizard (italian publisher) bookmarks

Today I come to talk about the italian publisher that edit Victoria Francés books. I must confess that I didn't know about this publisher until yesterday... But this is a really good new! More possibilities to have more Victoria Francés bookmarks! This publisher is Rizzoli Lizard and they have edited these books:

Favole 1. Lacrime di pietra. Release date: 10-01-2006

Favole 2. Liberami. Release date: 10-01-2007

Favole 3. Gelida luce. Release date: 04-2007

Misty Circus 1. Sasha, il piccolo pierrot. Release date: 01-01-2009


Misty Circus 2. La notte delle streghe. Release date: 01-01-2010

Vampiri. Il mondo delle ombre. Release date: 07-10-2010

Favole integrale. Release date: 05-09-2012

Il lamento dell'oceano. Release date: 04-01-2013

And again, if you find or see or have some bookmarks from these books and this publisher, I beg you, contact me, please! Or leave a comment!
See you soon!

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