Saturday, 7 November 2015

Wishlist: Milady Graphics (french publisher) bookmarks

Hi everyone!

Welcome to this wishlist post :) If you are a francophone collector and you want to swap with me, it could be interesting for you.

The publisher who edit Victoria Francés books in french is called Milady Graphics. I think they don't usually edit a lot of bookmarks, and I have contacted with some french collector and they told me that there is no Victoria Francés bookmarks from Milady Graphics, but it could change anyway in the future, so I think it's a good idea to do this post even now.

So, let's see Victoria Francés books that have been published by Milady Graphics in french:

Vampires, le monde des ombres. Release date: 20-10-2010

This is a book with illustrations from many artist, so Victoria Francés is not really the "author" of this book, but the cover is from her, so I imagine that if it exist a bookmark from this book, it would contain the cover illustration.

Favole l'intégrale. Release date: 18-11-2011

So, as ussually, if you find or see or have some bookmarks from these books and this publisher, I beg you, contact me, please! Or leave a comment!

See you!

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